By harsh Thakur


Before I start, let me ask you guys something. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Obviously, you guys have :) when you look at yourself what do you see or if put more bluntly what do you notice?

Your face, your chest, your waist, your abdominal, your glutes? Maybe the pimples on your face? Let me ask you guys another question, why you do it?

Because you care about yourself, having a good body makes you feel confident. Am I right? Or there is another reason, there could be other reasons like, you care so much what other people or society thinks of you, it could hurt your self-esteem if society doesn’t treat you like you want? Either way, this was just to show you guys, that even if don’t notice how much body image matters.

Now let’s begin, shall we?

types of bodies

What is body image?

Since we are talking about body image, I think it’s important for you guys to know what that is. If I give you a pure scientific definition according to the NCBI used in psychology — body image refers to a person’s emotional attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of their own body. Experts describe it as a complex emotional experience. you may already know this, now let’s discuss why body image is important and why it needs to be discussed.

Self-esteem And confidence

Does having a good body image raises your self-esteem? Well the answer to this question depends from individual to individual, but for most people living in a civilized society, the answer is ‘yes’ let ‘me give you an example a boy was in 10th standard who grew up super skinny, he was just an average dude , who did his homework and played with his friends , he was mocked by his friends for being skinny and looked down by his parents , especially whose father was a veteran from the INDIAN ARMY, but as 10th got over, he joined a local mud wrestling gym and started his wrestling training and doing workouts both weighted and calisthenics , this was the right time as he was going through puberty and his body was in a anabolic stage where hormones like testosterone and HGH were being produced in his body because of puberty, his body completely changed in just 6 months and his friends who mocked him started asking him for advice and tips on how to build that body, do you know that kid is ME .) could I have given you a better example than this, and there are thousands of examples you can find on the internet, how having a good body image can help you Raising your self esteem and confidence?

The dark side

Anorexia Nervosa

As mark twain once said “Too much of anything is bad’’, this is applicable in this case as well, you may have heard of terms like ‘anorexia’ or ‘bigorexia’ or other body image disorders like Body dysmorphic disorder, but you may not know the meaning or even know that these things are related to body image and are known collectively as ‘body image disorders’, body image disorders depend on two aspects genetics and environment, as most psychologists agree on that genetic aspect of it can't be controlled but its (environmental aspect)social environment or the society that you live in it can be controlled.

But first things first you have to admit that you have this problem, this problem is self-diagnosable or your parents or friends can tell you this. If you’re a normal person continuously look yourself in the mirror, by this I mean for hours, and eating too much or too less to look a certain way, if you are depressed and anxious about your body all the time and last you are becoming to fat or too skinny or too muscular, rapidly eating too much or starving yourself, you need to stop. All of these are symptoms of suffering from body image disorders.

Now what’s the solution, there are stages in body image disorders, if you are suffering from this problem for a very long period of time and this has reached a really high stage, then you need to consider a psychologist or may have to take anti-depressants but if you are suffering from this problem only recently and this disorder hasn’t reached a really high stage, you can resolve this issue on your own the first thing is you need to be aware that you have this problem. 50% of your problem will be solved once you’re aware that you have this problem, the second step is to find the stimulus which forces you to do all this crazy stuff, in the majority of the cases it’s the social media, but can differ from person to person, the next step is to restrain that stimulus, and it is one the most effective steps, for example, you see bodybuilders or fitness models on YouTube or Instagram, it excites you, you want to be like them or even better than them, but neither you are blessed with the genetics to look like them, neither you can afford their lifestyle nor you are hardworking but want to beat them, what do you do now, you look for easy ways and end up taking crazy shit like trenbolone or Stanozolol, etc. and end up getting big but destroying your body at the same time as you keep on doing this shit.

This was just a classic example, this applies to girls as well that’s why the majority of anorexic people are girls because they think they are looking too fat in the mirror, it is the same as bigorexia, but with opposite impacts.


Now we know what is body image, what does it mean, is it good or bad and most importantly, basic knowledge of body image disorders and how it impacts us. With this, I would like to end this article by wishing you good luck and good health.



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